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Dungarvin Oregon provides support to adults

experiencing intellectual and

developmental disabilities

in Oregon.


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Founded in 1976, Dungarvin was at the forefront of the revolution that led to people, formerly living in mass institutions, returning to their communities and being supported to thrive.


It is in this spirit that we remain at the forefront of the continued progress toward true and meaningful community integration for all people experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities. For us, this is more than our work. It’s our mission.

Dungarvin Oregon maintains the vision of tailoring supports and services to the individual need. We believe in partnership and collaboration, honoring preferences and supporting dreams. We strive to empower and believe that every person has the right and the ability to live with success.


Supported Living

Dungarvin's Supported Living program is a community-based service that empowers people experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities to create their own success.  We support the goals and vision of each person we serve.

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Dungarvin's Supported Living program is designed to promote individual choice, increase opportunity diversity, and encourage active engagement in communities. We support people experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities to pursue life beyond perceived barriers. We provide education to our communities and promote the concept that every person in every community belongs.

The people we support live in their own homes. Homes that they choose. Each individual is empowered to choose who to live with, where to work, and how to spend leisure time. It is our goal to support strong, diverse and collaborative communities that include all people of all abilities.

In-Home Services


Attendant Care:

We provide support with the daily life tasks and activities necessary for healthy living and the pursuit of true independence. These supports include: personal hygiene maintenance/bathing, physical transfers, meal preparation/nutrition assistance, assisting with daily activities and promoting access to community resources and transportation.

Behavioral Consultation/Support:

Our behavior specialists are highly skilled in supporting individuals in developing positive alternatives to unsafe or unhealthy actions. Our specialists work individually with each person, as well as trusted family members, friends, etc. to develop a plan that delivers consistent and optimal support to challenging situations. This support is designed to enhance the skills necessary to lead a healthy and successful life.  

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Relief Care:

When families and care providers need a break, they call on our relief care providers.

We understand that self-care is not always easy to make time for. It’s our goal to create a trusted relationship of support, allowing primary caregivers to feel comfortable taking the time that we all need for ourselves. Our relief care providers are background checked, fully trained and maintain a schedule of ongoing training throughout the year. We can provide relief when it is needed and we understand that life isn’t always predictable.

Skills Training:

Our skills trainers support the pursuit of real life goals. Their role is to inspire and promote personal growth and development in areas identified by the individual and those who know them well. These supports commonly address social skill development, peer-relational development as well as general life skills development. These supports are designed to set a course for positive growth leading to a successful and healthy life.

Supported Living
In Home Services


We want to be good neighbors to you and your family. We welcome any questions, concerns, or feedback. 


We would love for you to meet the individuals we support and become part of their lives. 


Our goal is to assist them with building natural relationships in the community with friends

and neighbors.

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Good Neighbor Commitment


Dungarvin Oregon
3312 SE 122nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97236
(503) 256-6400
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